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About Us

I have to admit, like any person claiming to have common sense, I was skeptical but open-minded about the benefit of gemstone healing. In 1988, I had a brief encounter with a gemstone guru and one night she had us over to her house and did a parlor trick. She had us each take a wadded ball of aluminum foil in our palm and try to raise our fist to shoulder level while she applied pressure downward. We could not get our fist to even shoulder level. Then she replaced the foil with an amethyst stone, which had much better results. The lesson was that aluminum was bad and showed visible signs of weakening the body while the amethyst, with its good vibes, was a positive influence. Unfortunately, I didn’t see her much after that and never learned what I wanted to from this lady who made a living at gem therapy, but the evening never left me and years later this interest would change the direction of my life.

My husband and I met in retail in 1990. We both started in retail in the 70’s and knew we always wanted to have our own business but the timing was never right. Finally push came to shove and we put WaterGemz together seeing a void in the jewelry market for affordable luxuries. Our jewelry is handmade and no two stones or pearls are alike. We have perfected our line of jewelry, selling to women just like you, at Arts and Crafts Fairs and national women’s conferences where attendance is in the thousands. We know what women like and we tailor our line to what our face-to-face customers are seeking. What you see on our website is tried and true. There is nothing more beautiful than real gemstones and our biggest complaint is that our pictures don’t capture the true beauty of our jewelry. We have never been happier nor have we had happier customers. Must be the gemstones!

Our customers love our cards that we provide with each purchase describing the stones and their holistic qualities. It’s a norm for us and we giggle when they ask with angst if they can get the card. What better way to tailor a gift to a loved one!

Thank you for shopping with us!

Linda Miller and David Self

A Note about our Turquoise
Turquoise is available from mines all over the world. In the southwest U.S., turquoise has mining restrictions which has caused the availability to dwindle and prices to soar. At WaterGemz we use fashion turquoise, meaning we keep it affordable by either buying outside the U.S. or we use beads made from reconstituted turquoise where resins have been added to strengthen its weak character.